TMA Methods

CORTAL GROUP is an official certified Partner of TMA International in the Nordic countries. TMA recognises there to be 2 domains: One domain is Organisation; including values, strategy, vision, goals, objective etc, also known as Competency Management. Another domain is the Individual; including talents, drives, cognitive capabilities, values & norms, skills, experience and competencies, known as Talent Management.
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The Analytical Company

CORTAL GROUP is an official Distributor Partner of HUCAMA.
Companies that want to succeed need great and talented people. Hiring and retaining talent is
Key to success. A validated Big Five characteristic- including several Ability analyses are available to ensure Succession planning and a full Integrated Talent Management process that builds a pool of well-trained employees (from entry-level to senior leadership).
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Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning

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The People Improvement Company

CORTAL GROUP is the official distributor of PI Company products in the Nordic countries and a leader in online assessment tools.
As a member of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), an international organisation committed to quality and professionalism, PI Company uses qualitative, reliable and validated instruments.

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