Key Competency Identification

Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization with CORTAL Online System Key Competency Identification (KCI) and get fast and reliable indicators for the elements that drive your organisation’s effectiveness. KCI is a lean and effective decision making tool that provides you with:

  • Reliable information on the agility of your organisation
  • Fast information on the key business drivers in your current or future business reality
  • Valid input to effectively allocate resources i.e incentives, development and recruitment

Organizational Engagement

Engagement emphasizes our way to job satisfaction. Engagement shows managers and HR departments how the level of the engagement of the employees. With the aim of maximizing their potential. Studies show an employee’s relationship with their direct manager is the most important factor to employee satisfaction, more than pay, benefits and work-life balance.

In today’s fast paced world measuring the traditional KPIs is no longer sufficient. There is no doubt that they still remain important, but organisations also need to know what is happening with employees and their engagement in work.

Big Five

Reflector Big Five Personality measures five personality factors:

  • Need for Stability: the degree to which we respond emotionally to setbacks
  • Extraversion: the degree to which we actively maintain contact with others
  • Openness: the degree to which we actively maintain contact with others
  • Accommodation: the degree to which we place other people’s interests above our own
  • Conscientiousness: the degree to which we are organized and purposeful


Connector Ability is an intelligence test, a test that measures problem-solving ability.

Connector Ability consists of three subtests:

  • Series of Figures. This subtest measures the ease with which someone can complete logical reasoning;
  • Matrices. This subtest measures the ease with which someone can analyze and continue complicated relationships;
  • Series of Numbers. This subtest measures the ease with which someone can analyze and continue the relationship between numbers.


The Reflector 360 measures work behavior.

This behavior is described in terms of competencies, as customer orientation, managing people, entrepreneurship, et cetera. In the questionnaire, the competencies are elaborated into descriptions of specific behavior.

The detailed information allows for an accurate analysis of an employees’ strengths and weaknesses and contains developmental advice as well as a format for a development plan.