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that the ambitions of your organisation are aligned to your employees’ performance.

We offer evidence-based solutions that improve performance management, leadership, competency development and selection.

Ensure your people investments are valuable right important make the right decision

Purpose oriented solutions

Our solutions are driven by organizational needs and tested through thought processes, proven by business cases to help you provide the best services for your organisation!


Assessment and evaluation in organisations disclosing people preferences and capabilities.
Executives now appreciate the importance of a more deliberate approach to management of people and talent.
· Competency management is the key to aligning human capital assets with business strategy.

· Competency management creates organisational value and drives performance forward in a competitive talent market.

· CORTAL can show you the best practices for attracting, retaining and developing employees that let your organisation retain a competitive edge

Key Competency Identification

Unlock Key Competence – Prove what matters Measure and identify the key competencies of your organisation with CORTAL test system KCI 2.1 and get fast and reliable indicators for the elements that drive your organisation’s effectiveness. KCI 2.1 is a lean and effective decision making tool, directly feeding into the individual/group development.

Ensure your managers decisions are valuable right important make the right assessment

Decision Support Tools

Our portfolio of decision support tools consists of cutting-edge and classic modules, which we customise to help you provide the best services for your organisation, including:

Personality profiles

Prediction of behaviour. Evaluating whether or not a candidate is right for a position in your organisation cannot be determined on background, education and experience alone. You need insight into the personal preference or personality to be sure they are a preferred match for the team or the organisation.

Ability Testing

Cognitive Ability is a strong predictor of success. Ability testing allows you to assess candidates for their overall intellectual potential and build a profile of their individual strengths and weaknesses. Ability tests, used in conjunction with personality profiles, can be a powerful tool to help you place the right people in the right roles.

360 Evaluation

How others view the performance. The 360 evaluation is an instrument employees can use to collect information about their behaviour at work. Managers in many modern organisations lack the necessary information to give their employees objective feedback on all points.