Unlocking key competence

Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization with CORTAL Online System Key Competency Identification (KCI) and get fast and reliable indicators for the elements that drive your organisation’s effectiveness. KCI is a lean and effective decision making tool that provides you with:

  • reliable information on the agility of your organisation
  • fast information on the key business drivers in your current or future business reality
  • valid input to effectively allocate resources i.e incentives, development and recruitment

Stay agile and competitive – identify the driving forces

The competitive significance of the way companies monitor their people resources has increased considerably over the last decades. CORTAL therefore believes that there is a need for identifying, defining and validating KEY performance indicators and continuously monitor the driving forces of the company to stay agile and competitive. This gives management an overview and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. Eventually it also enables management to realise where they may need to develop and strengthen the human organisation – and thereby improve the company’s competitiveness.

Valid decision data in less than a day

The KCI is an online tool that will allow you to get valid decision data in less than a day. It will work in combination with any competency framework and can be customised to your organisation’s look and feel. The KCI statistical module will allow you to make evidence based decisions in a lean and time effective way.

An “HR thermometer”

KCI can be viewed as a thermometer stuck into the very heart of your organisation. The outcome is never standard, with KCI, CORTAL goes beyond every traditional competency management system by pinpointing the true condition of your Human Capital. Further, without spending the invaluable hours you need to invest in core business. Make real plans of your people today – let CORTAL guide you into a smarter, faster and more reliable way of building successful business. Evidence based.